August Newsletter



Face Forward Family,

It’s crazy how quickly time has flown, but we’ve already reached August. Coming up this month, Face Forward will be present at Summerset Camping & Music Festival again! Fringe Fest is also going on and will feature some of our talented Face Forward artists. Keep an eye out for events throughout the month. Remember, Face Forward hosted events are open to the public.

Mar’Konash shared his his beautiful words of thanks to the Face Forward  organization and its contributors in his vlog. His video is proof of how far this nonprofit has progressed over two years and what an impact it has had. 


Mar'Konash- Face Forward Appreciation (Vlog)
Mar’Konash- Face Forward Appreciation (Vlog)


 This Artist Gathering will serve as a precursor to the Artist Dialogue on August 12th – you will have the opportunity to creatively network with other inspiring artists, participate in focus groups that dig into the artistic process, and even jump on stage to share some of your own work or upcoming shows/projects 
Free and open to the public!









Artist Dialogue will be held on Tuesday, August 12th. 6:30-8:30 PM at High School for Recording Arts


Come learn about Hip-Hop & Humanity w/Chadwick “Niles” Phillips


Overcoming obstacles is part of evolution whether it is an art form of expression evolving, or us as human beings evolving as well. In this segment we will delve very deep into the history of hip-hop and black cultural expression, it’s positive contributions and growth throughout the negative stigmas, then we will relate it to us as human beings and artists evolving through the challenges we face to become great contributors to the worlds positive progression.
Featured Artist of the Month: Joe Davis

Read more about Joe here 

Face Forward will be once again be co-hosting the Urban Arts Tent at Summerset Camping & Music Festival. Here’s a video that captures what it’s like to immerse yourself in a weekend at Summerset with our community of artists and volunteers.


Face Forward at Summer Set Music & Camping Festival 2012
Face Forward at Summer Set Music & Camping Festival 2012


                                                 Fall Internship Openings
Face Forward is looking for brilliant new interns for the fall. If you are interested or know of someone that is please visit our website’s internship page. Here you will find descriptions of the positions and how to apply. Happy perusing!

Before my internship with Face Forward, I considered myself a good writer. I was great at formulating a thesis, incorporating multiple research sources, and formatting my “Works Cited.” But as a blogging intern here at Face Forward, I had to become a different kind of writer. I was asked to write blogs about the intersections between art, race, and gender identity that would be accessible to everyone, not just my Macalester professors and peers. I learned how to integrate academic theory with creative writing, and in the process, how to better communicate with a greater number of people. My blogs were a way for me to connect with the Twin Cities community through a shared love of art and social justice, and I am so thankful that I got the chance to write them. Face Forward creates spaces for artists to improve their communities and themselves, and as an intern, I was a part of that space. I grew as a writer, as a person, and as an artist.” ~Rachel Costello, current blogging intern